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Media Guide-o-Matic

Media Guide-o-Matic is a free plugin that saves time for journalists who publish their work on the widely-used WordPress platform and helps them improve their reporting.


[Read a press release about the launch of the plugin here.]


Similar to how spellchecking tools automatically check for spelling mistakes, Media Guide-o-Matic automatically checks draft WordPress posts for words and phrases that go against the best practices outlined in existing media guides.


Currently, the plugin works to automate one media guide: the Mindset Media Guide for reporting on mental health. It checks draft post content for words and phrases that Mindset identifies as contributors to stigma around mental illness.


For example, if you type the phrase “committed suicide” into WordPress with the plugin enabled, when you hit either “Save Draft” or “Publish,” the plugin will alert you to the fact that Mindset advises against using that phrase, because it implies illegality or moral failing. The alert also suggests alternative phrases.


Alerts and advice for words and phrases related to suicide, mental illness and violence, schizophrenia, review board hearings, addiction and more are included.


If there are no words or phrases in your draft post that go against the best practices outlined in the guide, the plugin does… nothing!


Media Guide-o-Matic is not a full replacement for media guides like Mindset, but it is a free tool that you can use to improve your reporting.


Free download:



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